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Water filter for cleaner water - your water your health!

The importance of consuming as clean water as possible has a big impact on your well-being and your health in the short and long term, therefore it is important to use a water purification filter! Your body loses about 2.5 liters of water every day by sweating, peeing and exhaling it. Fluid balance is important for you to be healthy and fresh, and therefore you should drink approx. eight glasses of water of normal size a day.

Drinking enough clean water reduces the risk of developing various diseases such as kidney stones or infections of the bladder or kidneys. The water you drink cleanses these organs and ensures that they function properly. If you do not get enough fluids, you risk constipation. Dehydration can also cause headaches and affect the ability to think clearly. By drinking filtered clean water, you ensure that you do not get into pollutants that are in our tap water, such as lead, copper, mercury, arsenic, pesticides and drug residues. In addition, you avoid the chlorine that is added to our municipal water.

Clearly water purification filter protects you and your family!

Studies have shown that chlorine can form by-products that increase the risk of bladder cancer. Traces of arsenic are also an important health culprit. U.S. researchers have concluded that drinking water containing arsenic is a clear contributing factor to type II diabetes. Other diseases and disorders that can occur due to contamination in the tap water are allergies, cardiovascular diseases, weakened immune system, viruses and infectious diseases.

When you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is extra important to be aware of what you are getting into with what you drink and eat. Breastfeeding women in particular usually become much more thirsty than they otherwise are, and the intake of the harmful substances is thus greater. And it would certainly be nice to know that your child is not taking harmful drugs?

Let the little ones drink filtered water right from the start. Has clearly unique effective water purification filters, water filters and carbon filters, microfilters with multi-stage function.

If you do not filter your water - YOU are the filter!

Vattenfilter för renare vatten

Vattenfilter för duschen

Showering in chlorinated tap water can be one of today's biggest health risks!

Unfiltered shower and bath water gives double exposure to chlorine, partly by inhaling the steam, and by absorbing the skin. Exposure to waterborne chemicals is up to 100 times stronger in a hot shower than from a glass of water. Because tap water usually contains chlorine, you inhale chlorine gas every time you shower. If you shower for ten minutes every day for a year, it is comparable to inhaling hot chlorine gas for a full two and a half days1, a very good reason to purchase a shower filter.

A shower in chlorinated water can be one of the biggest health risks of the day! In the short term, chlorinated water can irritate the eyes, sinuses, throat, skin and lungs, dry out hair and scalp and weaken the immune system. In the long term, the risks include a sharp increase in the production of free radicals (which increases the aging process), an increased risk of gene mutation, and a reduced ability to metabolize cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

A shower or bath filter removes chlorine gas, pesticides and heavy metals and thus also gives you stronger and more beautiful hair and a softer and smoother skin that does not dry out. Discover what filtered clean water can do for your and your family's health - Think Clearly! 1. Franzon and Dahlberg. The canaries roar - your health, our environment and a bright future ... 2005 ISBN91-631-7909-1. Clearly for maximum water purification with efficient water purification filters and water purifiers such as. shower and bath filter.


Better water and better health


Quick facts about the function of water in your body:


· Regulates body temperature 

· Facilitates digestion 

· Prevents constipation 

· Increases fat burning 

· Lubricates joints

· Reduces the risk of heart attack 

· Makes the skin soft and supple 

· Prevents muscle cramps

· Reduces risk of infection and diseases such as kidney stones and urinary tract infection 

· Transports nutrients · Flushes out toxic substances

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Rent vatten och hälsa

Clearly rekommenderar 

More information about water filters and food

We consume more water than food. Contaminants found in tap water have a negative effect on health. Therefore, it is of course at least as important to know and regulate the content of the water we drink. Our bodies consist of about 65 percent water that is changed a couple of times every month - what an opportunity to refill with clean, filtered water! If our tap water is to be completely free of unnecessary chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, drug residues, bacteria, parasites and viruses, it is up to us to get water purifiers. Make sure your food and drink are of the best possible quality - always filter your water with Clearly's water purification filter.

Read more about Clearly´'s water purification!

Clearly water purification filter for better taste and better health!

Fruits and vegetables should be rinsed in filtered water. When you think about it, it feels obvious - we rinse the goods to get rid of harmful substances, but unfiltered tap water contains at least as many substances that are not healthy. Buying expensive biodynamically grown and unsprayed fruit and then rinsing it with water that has a harmful content is like throwing money in the lake. Do not destroy the good idea!

When you use filtered clean tap water for cooking, coffee, tea and other drinks, you enhance the good taste.

Additives found in tap water, such as chlorine, can otherwise affect the taste and the pollutants found in the water (such as lead and copper) can affect your health. By boiling water, you only remove microorganisms, not the pollutants.

Clearly water purifier, water filter and carbon filter give better taste and health! If you usually drink tea with healthy antioxidants, keep in mind that the water you use is also free of impurities. And the wine tastes best together with pure filtered water without off-taste. The chlorine that is added to our municipal tap water not only removes harmful bacteria, but also "the good bacteria that, for example, help you keep your stomach going and strengthen your immune system". Chlorine, and the by-products it forms, carry an increased risk of cancer and allergies. Clearly for maximum water purification and better health!

Read more about Clearly´'s water purification!

Läs mer om Clearly´s vattenrening!


Filtrerat vatten för att må bättre


Filtered water for beauty, training & weight


Do you have black circles under your eyes and often wake up with swelling around your eyes? This may be because you are dehydrated. Drink more water and avoid worries. Adequate water intake also helps you in the fight against wrinkles - the skin becomes supple, elastic and gets a better glow. By also being careful to drink clean water continuously, you prevent your skin from aging and you achieve a smoother, more elastic skin.

It is at least as important to drink as clean water as possible as to eat a healthy diet! By always having a Clearly filtration jug available during the day, you will be reminded to drink clean water and see how much water you really have in you.

Everyone who exercises knows that it is important to drink water before and after a workout. Water helps you avoid or relieve aches, muscle fatigue, joint pain or other ailments that continuous exercise and great exertion can cause. It is important to compensate for the body fluid that you sweat out when you exercise by drinking water. The water ensures that you do not become exhausted and allows you to recover quickly after a workout. Water is the key to success when it comes to exercise, and filtered clean water gives the best effect.

There are several clear weight loss benefits to drinking water. It does not contain any calories and is the only zero-calorie drink that is also completely cholesterol-free. The more clean water you drink during the day, the better you will feel. It is much harder to lose weight if you forget to drink a lot of water - too little water increases your body fat. Clearly for maximum water purification and better health!

Pregnant and clean water with water filter.

If it is at some point in your life that you should think particularly hard about the content and quality of drinking water, it is during a pregnancy. If our tap water is to be completely free of unnecessary chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, drug residues, bacteria, parasites and viruses, it is up to us to obtain water purifiers, water filters and carbon filters. Researchers believe that our children can get brain damage from the chemicals they ingest in everyday life. A lot of the chemicals are in the tap water.

You know that you need to drink clean water continuously every day and the same goes for your baby to grow and feel good. Through breastfeeding, your baby takes part of your water intake and it usually gets a lot bigger just during the months you breastfeed because the thirst increases. When you then start giving your child water to drink, gruel and porridge to eat, you can easily ensure that the water you use is of the best possible quality by filtering it and using Cleary water purifier, water filter and carbon filter. No sugar, no fat - filtered clean water is the best mealtime drink for your child.

Give the little ones a healthy start and good habits early in life. Remember that children are active and need to refill fluids often and make sure that your child always bathes and showers in chlorine-free water. Install shower and bath filters from Clearly so you and your family avoid harmful effects from chlorine and pesticides, etc.

Clearly water purification filter protects you and your child!


Bli äldre med rent vatten av vattenfilter

Filtered clean water and older.

As we get older, the risk increases that the brain will forget to give us the information "drink water now!" Therefore, it is important that we remind ourselves or our loved ones to drink, for example by having Clearly filtration jugs standing in strategic places in the home. Drinking water continuously is a good habit that gives you good conditions for a healthier future - especially if you remember to filter your water to avoid pollution and chlorine additives.

Clearly water purifier, water filter and carbon filter provide maximum water purification! Here are some good reasons to drink more the older you get:

· Minimizes the risk of kidney stones · Prevents the risk of constipation · Keeps the skin elastic · Keeps you alert with good mental sharpness · Facilitates digestion · Can facilitate circulation.

Discover the benefits of filtered clean and good water at work.

Provides a cleaner, tastier and healthier tap water. Utilizes the ingenious distribution system of tap water. Replaces distribution, handling, storage and heavy lifting of expensive spring water bottles Minimizes water costs compared to traditional spring water bottles. Investment in personnel and customer care at a very low cost.

Water purification ... more than 200 times cheaper than bottled water.

You and the environment make a much better deal.

Rena vattnet på jobbet med vattenfilter

Clean and good water at work increases your well-being and performance!

Drink clean water continuously every day even at your job. You lose about 2.5 liters of water every day. To be healthy, feel good and perform a good job, it is important to drink about 8 glasses of clean water every day and thus achieve a good fluid balance. Always have a Clearly Filtration Jug available throughout the day, you will be reminded how important it is to drink water and also how much water you have drunk during the day. Look at the Clearly Filtration Pitcher.

Your water intake of course depends on several different factors such as e.g. individual physiology, age, gender, physical activities, etc. Water is very important for the body's immune system to be kept in good shape and you to maintain good health. Water at work! If our tap water is to be completely free of unnecessary chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, medicines, bacteria, parasites and viruses, it is up to us to get water purifiers. Make sure that you always choose to filter your tap water to avoid various contaminants and chemicals that are in your tap water. Clearly for maximum water purification with water purification filter, water purifier and carbon filter.

You save money with water filters and make a good environmental choice

Clearly of Sweden has many unique, efficient and easy-to-install water purification filters, water purifiers, water filters and carbon filters for all needs that you can easily order at this Webshop.




Your Water Gives Your Health!

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